Why Did Antigone Not Bury Her Brother?

How does Creon die?

Creon survives at the end of the play, retaining rulership of Thebes, gaining in wisdom as he mourns the death of his wife and son.

Haemon, Creon’s son, commits suicide after Antigone’s death.

Eurydice, Creon’s wife, commits suicide after hearing of the death of her son Haemon..

Why did Antigone bury her brother?

Because she sees it as her duty as a sister to do so. … Since she is sister to both dead men, Antigone disregards the command of Creon, deciding instead to obey the commands of the gods and ancestors. She buries her brother, thus incurring the death penalty decreed by Creon.

What is the seeming reason for haemon’s suicide is it only out of desperate love of Antigone?

What is the seeming reason for Haemon’s suicide? Does he kill himself only out of desperate love for the dead Antigone? Haemon’s suicide seems to have two motivations – first out of anguish over Antigone’s death, but also because he is so furious with his father for having betrayed his trust.

Who does the chorus blame for Antigone’s fate?

Who does Antigone blame for her fate? The chorus blames Antigone for her death. They say that she knew she was breaking the law and that her fate was her own fault, because she made a choice. Antigone blames Oedipus, her father, for the curse he had left to her family.

What is ironic about the deaths of both Antigone and her mother?

What Events Do Antigone And Ismene Discuss During The Prologue?…Cards In This Set.FrontBackWhat is ironic about the deaths of both Antigone and her mother?Both took their own life14 more rows•Sep 23, 2020

What are the two main arguments Antigone gives to justify her actions?

The first argument she give Creon is that Zeus didn’t make the law stating to not give her brother a proper burial thus re-stating that he has not authority, the second argument states that Creon’s law makes her break divine law, she places higher law above his, her religious belief.

What does Creon think is the motive for someone burying Polyneices?

What is Creon’s motive for finally wishing to free Antigone and bury Polyneices? He has been bribed. He doesn’t want to risk losing his family and kingdom. Ismene and Eurydice plead with him to be lenient.

What is the most important factor in Antigone’s decision to bury her brother?

Antigones decision to bury Polynices also arose from a desire to bring honor to her family, not just to the gods. Antigone’s strong belief in standing up for family and her religious beliefs are the two factors that influenced her decision to break Creon’s law and bury her brother.

Did Antigone deserve to die?

Antigone rejects her, but she does not deserve to die with her. Ismene swears she will bury Polynices herself then. Antigone calls on Creon to have her arrested, warning him that her disease is catching. Creon relents.

What did Antigone do because her brother was not buried?

What crime did Polyneices commit? Polyneices was considered a traitor by King Creon for attacking the city of Thebes. Polyneices body was not permitted to be buried, but left for the scavenger birds and dogs to eat. Eteocles was to receive a hero’s burial.

Why does Zeus punish the rebels?

Zeus is one of the powerful gods of Greek mythology. In the story of Antigone by Sophocles, he punishes the rebels. It is because he despises the arrogance and proud persona of the rebels. He hates someone who denies a burial, however, Creon fails to look into his message.

Does Creon kill himself?

No, Creon does not kill himself in Antigone. His wife, son, and niece all commit suicide during the course of the play, but Creon refrains from taking…

How does Oedipus die?

Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus 1385). This curse came to be. Shortly after these encounters, Oedipus died at Colonus, his grave becoming a protection for Athens. Some say that he died of natural causes, others that he killed himself, and still others believe that he died in Thebes.

What did Antigone do that was illegal?

Antigone committed the act of burying her brother, Polynices, against the wishes of the current leader of Thebes, Creon.

Is Antigone ever apologetic for burying Polyneices?

Though Antigone bemoans her fate and believes death is a cruel and unnecessary punishment for burying Polyneices, she is never apologetic for actually covering his body. She believes until the end that she did the right thing.

What is the punishment for burying Polyneices?

deathAntigone and Polyneices The next male in line for the throne was their Uncle Creon. When Creon came to power, he decreed that since Polyneices was technically a traitor for fighting against Thebes, his body should rot in the street without a proper burial. If anyone was to bury the body, the punishment would be death.

Who does Creon blame for haemon’s death?

EurydiceEurydice blames Antigone/ Creon for Haemon’s death and she blames Antigone/ Creon for Megareus’ death.

Who does Creon blame for Antigone’s death?

hubrisAt the end of the tragic events, Creon blames his own hubris for his tragic end. As a result of his excessive pride and stubbornness, King Creon suffers the end of many a tragic Greek hero: he falls because of his pride. King Creon has put himself above the gods with his insistence that he be obeyed.

What is Creon’s tragic flaw?

Is King Creon a tragic hero? Creon’s tragic flaw is pride. He refused to agree that Antigone did the right thing in burying her brother.

What reasons does Creon give for not allowing Polyneices to be buried?

Creon refused to bury Polyneices because Polyneices started a war with his native city, Thebes after he was exiled to spill blood and sell his people into slavery. Creon thinks that the only punishment acceptable for this deed is to leave Polyneices unburied.

Who caught Antigone burying her brother?

King CreonAnswer and Explanation: Antigone is caught by the sentries posted by her uncle, King Creon. He ordered them to make sure no one buried Polynices.