Quick Answer: How Do You Use The Word Reel In A Sentence?

What means upheaval?

1 : the action or an instance of upheaving especially of part of the earth’s crust.

2 : extreme agitation or disorder : radical change also : an instance of this..

What does reel mean in acting?

A reel is a device used to store film. So an acting reel refers to the film that holds scenes that the actor has acted in.

How do you use upheaval?

Upheaval sentence examplesIf nothing else, all this upheaval had given him back his musical voice. … At the same time, as the gradients are gradually increasing on account of the upheaval of the continent, the rivers dig their channels deeper and deeper.More items…

What does emotional upheaval mean?

1. a sudden or violent change, especially one that affects people’s lives. Maya’s been going through a period of emotional upheaval.

What is difference between concept and definition?

Definitions are formulated in order to draw conclusions and to solve technical problems. … Definitions are cognitive and communicative functions in the first place. Concepts, in contrast, are like continua relations and visions of possibilities.

What is another word for feelings?


What stagger means?

transitive verb. 1 : to cause to doubt or hesitate : perplex. 2 : to cause to reel or totter. 3 : to arrange in any of various zigzags, alternations, or overlappings of position or time stagger work shifts stagger teeth on a cutter.

What’s a social upheaval?

countable noun [usually adjective NOUN] An upheaval is a big change which causes a lot of trouble, confusion, and worry. […]

What does reel me in mean?

1. To draw someone or something toward oneself by winding in a line. A noun or pronoun can be used between “reel” and “in.” My uncle once reeled in a fish that weighed over 50 pounds! I kept the raft attached to the main boat with a rope so they could reel me in if I drifted too far away.

What is difference between real and reel?

The adjective real means actual, true, genuine, authentic, or sincere. The verb reel means to sway, stagger, spin, or whirl. As a noun reel refers to a dance or to a wheel or cylinder on which wire, rope, thread, or film is wound; the related verb means to wind or pull in on a reel.

How do you use reeling in a sentence?

His head was still reeling to the point he was fevered. His cool touch calmed her this time, parted the reeling emotions and chaotic thoughts. He’d hooked her and was gently reeling her in.

What does it mean to reel in something?

to get control of something or someone, sometimes by offering something in exchange: The article offers tips on how computer users can avoid being reeled in by internet hustlers.

What is another word for reeling?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reeling, like: lightheaded, dizzy, giddy, awareness, moving, vertiginous, woozy, gyrating, whirling, spinning and careening.

What is a concept example?

In the simplest terms, a concept is a name or label that regards or treats an abstraction as if it had concrete or material existence, such as a person, a place, or a thing. … For example, the word “moon” (a concept) is not the large, bright, shape-changing object up in the sky, but only represents that celestial object.

How do you use the word concept in a sentence?

Concept sentence examplesThe whole concept is ridiculous. … The consideration that mere double negation leaves us precisely where we were and not upon a higher plane where the dominant concept is richer, is, of course, fatal only to certain verbal expressions of Hegel’s intent.More items…

What’s the meaning of lurch?

1 : an abrupt jerking, swaying, or tipping movement the car moved forward with a lurch also : stagger sense 2. 2 : a sudden roll of a ship to one side.

What is a concept sentence?

an idea or notion. Examples of Concept in a sentence. 1. Fortunately, the client loves our new advertising concept.