Quick Answer: Can You Have 2 Middle Names?

Do you hyphenate 2 middle names?

I’m personally not fond of either of your names, but I’d say they go better without the hyphen, just give two middle names.

I love the combo, and definitely use two middles without the hyphen.

I used a hyphen for my daughter’s middles so that the second one didn’t get “lost” on documents & because I liked the look..

Even though your middle name may appear on your Social Security card, your “legal name” for Social Security purposes is considered to be your first name and last name (surname) as shown on your U.S. birth certificate, probably reported to and established with the Social Security Administration when you were a young …

How many middle names is normal?

Two middle names make a statement, one that usually reminds us of country manors, polo games, royalty, and presidents. It’s never been a common practice in the U.S. to give two middle names.

Do middle names count as first names?

Your middle names (if you have any) are a part of your first name. … So, for example, if your full name were “John Fred SMITH” (your surname being “SMITH”), then your first name (in full) would be “John Fred”.

Do all serial killers have 3 names?

(In fact, nine of the top 20 serial killers in the United States, ranked by body count, are known by three names.) Is there a reason so many murderers use their middle names? It seems to be a coincidence. The three most famous political assassins in U.S. history used their middle names, but many others did not.

How do I fill out a form with two middle names?

When filling out paper work the two middle names go where you put the middle name. If just a middle initial is asked for, you put the first middle name’s initial.

Can a person have 2 first names?

Senior Member. Some people – particular women – are commonly known and addressed by their first two names: they in effect form a two-word single name, and it might or might not be hyphenated. This is more common in the USA, with women called things like Bobbi Jo. The second element is often Jo, Jane, or Anne.

Can you name your child curse words?

So, generally, most states will allow you to do anything you want, provided you can do it with an English keyboard. Some states ban obscenities. Some states ban using numbers or symbols. So if you wanted to name your kid “Brrrrr” you certainly could.

How many middle names can you have legally?

There is no limit to how many names you have or the length of them. When it comes to legal documents other than your Birth Certificate or SS Card, ppl tend to only put one middle name, and initials for the rest.

Is my father’s name my last name?

The father’s name is not considered a middle name. Instead, it is considered a last name. The same is true for females; they do not take their husband’s last name. They go independently by their given name, followed by their father’s name, and then their grandfather’s name, even after marriage.

How many middle names is too many?

More than two middle names is too many middle names unless you are royalty. I think First Name Middle Name Middle Name Last Name is fine. I do think flow is overrated, but if it’s important to you, then add another name. It’s not too much.

Can you put two middle names on a birth certificate?

Just space it enough from the first name and last name AND make sure to capitalize all the 1st letters. Yep. … Both names are on it. When forms eventually ask for middle initial, I would expect to just put the first initial of the first middle name.