Question: What Are The Advantages Of Rajya Sabha?

What is the salary of member of Rajya Sabha?


16,000/- p.m.

payable during the whole term of office as member Rajya Sabha..

What are the advantages of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?

In practice, the Lok Sabha is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha. It helps in proper functioning of democracy through the system of checks and balances. No confidence motion can only be introduced and passed in the Lok Sabha. So, it controls the despotism of the government.

Who is more powerful Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha?

In conclusion, it is clear that the Lok Sabha is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha in almost all matters. Even in those matters in which the Constitution has placed both Houses on an equal footing, the Lok Sabha has more influence due to its greater numerical strength.

What is the strength of Rajya Sabha?

Rajya Sabha, at present, has 245 seats. Of these, 233 members represent the States and the Union Territories, and 12 members are nominated by the President.