How Much Is Susannah Constantine Worth?

Why did Trinny and Susannah split?

Susannah Constantine opens up on ‘divorce’ from best friend Trinny Woodall.

Susannah Constantine has revealed she suffered extreme anxiety when her working relationship with Trinny Woodall ended.

And the pair’s working relationship was so successful Susannah said she lost her identity when it all ended..

Who is Charles Saatchi dating?

Trinny Woodall, 56, stands out in a silver blazer as she and her cheery partner Charles Saatchi, 77, enjoy lunch date at Scott’s. They’ve been dating since 2013, following the businessman’s divorce from celebrity chef Nigella Lawson.

What is Trinnys real name?

Sarah-Jane Duncanson WoodallTrinny Woodall/Full name

What does Susannah Constantine do now?

Susannah Constantine Last year, she released her first-ever novel, After the Snow, set in 1969 and described as “perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and The Crown”. She lives in Sussex, UK with her husband of over 20 years, Sten Bertelsen, and their three children, Cece, Esme and Joe.

Is Susannah Constantine married?

Sten Bertelsenm. 1995Susannah Constantine/SpouseConstantine is married to Sten Bertelsen, a businessman, and they live in West Sussex. Together with Woodall, her long-time working partner, she came to fame for fashion advice columns and presented What Not to Wear for four years.

Who is Susannah Constantine husband?

Sten Bertelsenm. 1995Susannah Constantine/HusbandConstantine has been married to her husband, Danish businessman and entrepreneur Sten Bertelsen, since 1995.