How Does Haemon’S Tone Attitude Change Toward Creon?

What is the moral of Antigone?

In Antigone, the moral of the story is that of fate.

This moral is incorporated through the actions of both Creon and Antigone.

The moral also corresponds with a recurring theme of the abuse of power, something that Creon is more than guilty of..

What is the conflict between Creon and Tiresias?

The conflict between the king and the prophet echoes the conflict between Creon and Antigone. Once again we see the laws of man butting heads with the ancient laws of the gods. When Creon refuses to give in, Teiresias drops the knowledge that Creon’s own family will die as a result of his blasphemous actions.

How does the sentry act when he comes before Creon What does this suggest about Creon’s personality or reputation?

What does this suggest about Creon’s personality or reputation? He appears nervous and almost avoids what he was going to say, revealing that Creon is a merciless King. Creon is furious upon hearing the news and accuses the sentry of being bribed. You just studied 4 terms!

How does Antigone say she was conceived?

The cause of her death is the fact that she was conceived through an abomination – an incestuous relationship between her father/brother and her mother.

Does Antigone regret decision?

Just before she is led off to her death, Antigone mourns the life she is leaving by her own choice and even seems to regret her decision. The moment passes, however, and may represent simply a small proof of human weakness that makes Antigone’s strength all the more dramatic.

Why does Creon choose to leave Polyneices body unburied?

Why does Creon choose to leave Polynices’ body unburied? He believes that she has committed a crime punishable by death, and because she strictly disobeyed him.

What curse does she put on Creon?

Antigone’s curseWhat curse does she place on Creon? She looks forward to spending more time in the underworld then on the real world with everybody living. Antigone’s curse on Creon is that his punishment will equal her own.

Why does Antigone kill herself?

Antigone, moved by love for her brother and convinced of the injustice of the command, buried Polyneices secretly. For that she was ordered by Creon to be executed and was immured in a cave, where she hanged herself. Her beloved, Haemon, son of Creon, committed suicide.

What is Creon’s attitude toward the chorus?

What is Creon’s attitude towards the Chorus? Why has he called them together? At first, Creon’s attitude towards the Chorus is insensitive and arrogant, though it turns more docile when he needs something from the Chorus. He called them together to ask for their help.

Why does haemon speak with Creon?

What does Haemon ask Creon to do? He asks for Creon to not be so stubborn and to free Antigone. He urges him to see reason because if he kills her, citizens who have already sided with her will be angry.

For what reason has Creon called the chorus to the palace to speak with them?

His soul cannot find peace until the body is buried, according the Greek beliefs. Describe Ismene’s personality. For what reason has Creon called the chorus to the palace to speak with them? regarding his refusal to bury Polynices’ body.

Why does Creon fear breaking his word?

Creon: he is frightened that if he breaks his word people will think he is a bad leader. … your temper scares everyone.” Haimon is telling Creon that he is being a bad leader.