Does Clock Tower Affect Main Village?

What does the clock tower do in COC?

When activated, the Clock Tower will make timers in the Builder Base speed ten times as fast as normal for a short duration.

This duration can be increased by upgrading the Clock Tower.

It will speed up resource collectors, construction, upgrades and research timers..

Is Battle Machine worth upgrading?

So yes, upgrading BM is more worth than upgrading troops you don’t use. In short, just upgrade your used troops first before upgrading BM. If your BM is below lvl 5, yes, it’s worth upgrading. If your BM is level 5 and you have upgraded all troops except one, you have a couple of attacks options.

Are gear ups worth it COC?

No. Do the gear-up when you have no other use of your resources, or of your master builder. The geared up version of your defenses aren’t any better than the original, just different. Clash: Need a Siege Machine?

Why can I gear up only one cannon?

Many of us simply focus on upgrading the Builder Base and not having the Master Builder there for 2 days is simply too much of a sacrifice. Also, you’ll only able to Gear Up one single defense right now. In other words, you can’t gear up all your Cannons to become Double Cannons, only one of them.

What is the max level of battle machine?

25- Upgrading Battle Machine unlock new Ability each 5 Level! – Maximum Battle Machine Level is 25!

How long does it take to max battle machine?

That’s 22 days of saving elixir at max loot (3000 trophies and higher). Additionally, each upgrade will take 1 day to complete and your Battle Machine will be unable to attack during that time, so you’re actually looking at closer to 24 days to get it done (assuming silly things like sleep, work, life…).

Does clock tower affect gear up?

Btw, no it doesn’t affect it. Just tried it this morning, and the master builder is not affected by the clock tower while he is gearing up the canon on your main base.

Is the clock tower worth it clash?

Depends on how much time you are spending on the builder base. If your wish is to work on the builder base upgrading clock tower is very useful. Sometimes you might need a little gold/elixir to upgrade other builders, so clock tower can help you rush attack other’s base.

Should I rush to Builder Hall 9?

It is a good idea to rush to bh9 if you don’t really play in builder base… but bear in mind that getting the O.T.T.O Hut is a very long grind which includes maxing your battle machine (level 30), Mega Tesla (level 9), Cannon Cart (level 18) , and gearing up a mortar in the home village.

What is the max level of builder hall?

There are a total of nine levels for Builder Hall. You must place all Buildings available from the current Builder Hall level before you are able to upgrade the Builder Hall. Exceptions to this rule are the Gem Mine, Clock Tower and Battle Machine, for which repairing is optional.

Should I max builder base?

I would suggest max, the builder base seems to be highly concentrated on a solid and upgraded base.. now if you 3 star 100 percent everything and are an attacking god then getting better army comps may be your option..

What is the longest upgrade in COC?

Originally Answered: What is the longest upgrade in Clash of Clans? The longest upgrade so far is 18 days, which is the eagle artillery and the clan castles. you still have 16 days upgrades but the longest one is 18 days.

Do clock tower potions stack?

– The Clock Tower Potion is a potion that boosts the player’s Clock Tower in the Builder Base for 30 minutes. It can be stacked with the free Clock Tower boost to gain up to 10 more minutes of boost, but you cannot use the free boost if a boost caused by the potion is active.

Should you max your builder hall?

That practice of maxing is purely just one popular opinion of how the game should be played. Again for the builder hall, getting to the highest level is the best in my opinion, since more defenses equals more damage overall.

Is it worth gearing up Archer Tower?

I personally recommend using both the canon and archer tower geared up. They work great against high HP troops like golem, giants and valkyries. 7 days is long for the archer tower, but totally worth IMO.

How fast does the gem mine produce?

At max level, it produces 4.8 Gems per day. In a longer prospective, a max level Gem Mine will generate 1,752 Gems in one non-leap year, and 1,756.8 Gems in a leap-year.

How much time does the clock tower save clash of clans?

Clock Tower multiplier has been increased from 8x to 10x. Clock Tower boost duration has been increased from 3-11 minutes to 14-30 minutes (Clock Tower Potion’s duration remains at 30 minutes).